What will the investor ask from the start-up in return for the investment?

The pitch went off successfully and, according to the company's assessment, it seems like we've reached an agreement. However, there are still a number of conditions that the investor will likely demand from the founders.

Lawyers from REVERA, along with representatives of the investors and founders, will discuss at a meet-up what the former party wants and why it's essential for the latter to pay attention to the company's Intellectual Property.

18:00–21:00 Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 93, b. Nowogrodzka Square, piętro 2, HubHub

With Ū-HUB support

Ū-HUB is a community of startups based in Poland.

What are we going to talk about?

Registration, welcome coffee


Welcome speech by the organisers


What other key terms, aside from price, will founders have to negotiate with investors? Possible win-win scenarios

  • What documents will need to be signed?
  • What are the elusive reserved matters, tag-along/drag-along, ROFR, lock up, non-compete, non-solicitation, representation & warranties, and why are they necessary at all?
  • Insights from a real investor representative (Palta) - Anna Voron, who is incredibly startup-friendly and experienced in startup funding matters.

Why it's important to properly establish IP for the company from an early stage, and how it can affect the investment deal

  • What is a data room and why is it needed?
  • Risks associated with employee rights to IP.
  • What are the dangers of using open source?
  • Real-world experience of handling challenging cases by IT lawyer Julia Oshmyan (Flo Health) with a decade of experience.





Terms of participation

26 May| 18:00 - 21:00 | Al. Jerozolimskie 93, b. Nowogrodzka Square, piętro 2, HubHub

Participation is free of charge but requires prior registration.
The number of spaces is limited, and the organisers reserve the right to decline participation.

For any enquiries, please call: +48572553153


Event completed 26.05.2023


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