International commercial arbitration

Arbitration is a traditional technique of dispute resolution in the commercial sphere. It is inherently different from the dispute resolution procedure applied by state courts, that is why it requires specialist qualifications and expertise from lawyers.

REVERA Law Group has 20 years of experience in strategic planning and litigation in international commercial arbitration at the IAC at the BelCCI (Minsk), ICC (Paris), VCCA (Vilnius), CIETAC (Beijing), SIAC (Singapore), ICAC at the RF CCI (Moscow), SAC (Switzerland).


Our services include

  • Representation of interests in arbitration (arbitration) courts.
  • Participation as a local counsel in disputes in foreign arbitration (arbitration) courts on commercial and investment disputes, including the preparation of documents; collection of documents and information, selection of foreign partners; selection of candidates for arbitrators; preparation of legal opinions.
  • Pre-trial analysis of risks, prospects and cost of arbitration proceedings, proposal of other options for resolving the dispute.
  • Negotiating the settlement of the dispute, participation in the mediation procedure.
  • Preparation of opinions on the prospects for resolving the dispute within the framework of the pre-trial dispute resolution procedure.
  • Development of standards, policies, instructions for choosing a dispute resolution body.