Personal data: how to comply with GDPR?

On April 18 Alena Potorskaya, head of personal data protection direction of REVERA law group, spoke at the event "Personal data: how to comply with GDPR?".

We discussed why GDPR compliance is important for every company:

  1. What is meant by personal data?
    Remember that almost any user device identifiers (IP, IDFA, location, etc.) constitute personal data.
  2. Risks of GDPR non-compliance.
    For companies that are registered in the EU, the risks of being fined increase significantly. But reputational risks are even more serious: from the refusal of partners to cooperate, to the loss of user loyalty.
  3. How to formalize relationships with partners? When should DPA, SCC and other documents be signed?
  4. What is ROPA (Records of processing activities) and why is it useful for every company?
  5. How does the Data Protection Office get assigned and what are its functions?

Many people wondered about e-mailing: is it necessary to get a separate consent for the mailing?

  • In Poland, the answer to this question is yes. In addition to GDPR, two other acts (Electronic Provision of Services Act and Telecommunications Act) regulate mailing in Poland and both require consent for mailing.
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