REVERA is celebrating its 25th anniversary!

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

Today, REVERA is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

25 years for a legal business is enough to stand confidently on its own two feet, relying on its experience, while continuing to learn with curiosity and excitement, discovering something new with every project and every client.

On this day, July 28, 1998, the law firm "Gestionyurservice" was founded, later renamed "Arkhipenko, Goretsky and partners, LLC", and a year later the trademark REVERA was registered. Our first office in Minsk was only 12 square meters in size, and for the first six years the staff did not exceed 7 people.

Everything that is usual for us today was for the first time back then: the first international project, the first mention in an international legal rating, the first partnership agreement, the first "million-dollar deal".

 Today, the REVERA law group is an international legal group with offices in Belarus, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and legal panels in Curacao and the UAE - more than 80 specialists whose expertise comprises 15 specializations, and a wide network of partners around the world.

It has been a long and fascinating journey. And we are grateful to all and everyone who followed us on this path, each one who contributed to the strengthening of REVERA at different stages. Including partners Victor Sazonov, Alexander Goretsky, Vitaliy Gankovich, Pavel Tsarev, Andrey Zhurnia, as well as all employees and colleagues who were and are now with us, thanks to whom we have grown and achieved today's results.

And of course, lots of thanks to our numerous clients and business partners for their trust and the opportunity to learn and grow.

We are happy to see our company as it is now and that it keeps on striving to constant evolvement, and the title of "Reverian" sounds proud.

Happy birthday to REVERA and all of us!

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